• The movie industry has been a large part of my life, something I have been involved with for over 30 years as a professional stunt performer. While the stunt department is what I do, I am asked all the time about movies and how they are made. Like any business, it’s a team effort. Having worked with and in many of the different departments that make up a movie crew, I know how hard it is for each person and how it makes the finished project that most people see.

    So what is a grip or how does a a dolly work, who is in charge of the lighting and how do you find locations. Those are some of the questions I want to give you the answers to. Working on a TV series give me access to all the departments in a film crew. I want to share their sides of this, what they do and some stories they may want to share. From the producers and director all the way to the production assistants and craft service personnel, every person has a specific job that is crucial to making a movie project a success. Most of them you will never hear about, but without them a film or TV show would never be possible. I want to give them a chance to share their sides of this and maybe give all of you a better understanding of how a movie is made.

    Stay tuned, more will follow.